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Say Himmelb(l)au

Say Himmelb(l)au

Publisher: Kristin Feireiss, Hans Jürgen-Commerell, Gallery Aedes, Berlin 2012
Concept: Wolf D. Prix/COOPHIMMELB(L)AU
ISBN: 978 – 3‑943615 – 09‑8

Wolf D. Prix & Partner
Projects, Models Plans, Sketches, Statements.“
Exhibition: December 12, 2012 – March 3, 2013

The magical number 7 has been integrated into the exhibition concept in a variety of ways.
The show begins with a backward glance at the founding year of 1968 and the theoretical roots of this architectural partnership. The exhibition then proceeds with a detailed presentation of 7 buildings chosen by Wolf D. Prix, each from a different decade, and each with special significance for his oeuvre as a whole, before concluding with a foretaste of future projects. 

Exhibition Catalogue: Say himmelb(l)au
Based on the lecture of Wolf D. Prix: What’s the difference” 09/11/2011
SCI-ARC Southern Californian Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, USA