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Wolf dPrix

em.o. Univ.-Prof. Arch. DI DDr.h.c.


Wolf dPrix was born in 1942 in Vienna, Austria, and studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, the Architectural Association (AA) in London as well as at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles.

In 1968 Wolf dPrix, Helmut Swiczinsky and Michael Holzer founded Coop Himmelb(l)au in Vienna as an alternative to the linear architectural thinking of the time. Wolf dPrix is counted among the originators of the deconstructivist architecture movement. Coop Himmelb(l)au had its international breakthrough with the invitation to the exhibition Deconstructivist Architecture” at MoMA New York in 1988. 

Throughout his career, Wolf dPrix has remained active in education and academic life. He was a tenured Professor at the University of Applied Arts from 1990 – 2011 (Studio Prix) and served as Chair of the Institute of Architecture and Vice-Rector from 2003 – 2012. During this time he set the international standards in architectural education. He has held teaching positions at the Architectural Association (AA) in London (1972, 1984, 1986, 1988), MIT (1986), Harvard University (1990), Columbia (1998), UCLA (1999, 2001, 2014; Harvey S. Perloff-Chair in 1999), Yale (2016), PENN (1987, 2019) and the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) from 1987 – 1995, 2014, 2016 – 2020 and other institutions around the world. He was appointed Docteur Honoris Causa of the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania. He has also been awarded an Honorary Diploma of the Architectural Association (AA) in London.

Wolf dPrix’s distinguished honors include the two highest Austrian awards given for cultural achievements: the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1999 and the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 2009. Additional awards include, among others: the Schelling Architecture Award (1992), the Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (2002), the Annie Spink Award (2004), the Jencks Award (2008), the Hessian Cultural Prize (2013), the Digital Futures Project Award (2021), and the ACADIA Lifetime Achievement Award (2021). He is a member of the Austrian Arts Senate, the Curia for Art, since 2014 as chairman as well as the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and an Honorary Member of the Österreich | Deutschland | Gesellschaft. Honorary and professional memberships, among others, include; Honorary Member of the Association of German Architects (BDA), Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architecture (HFAIA), Member of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers, the ZV Zentralvereinigung der Architekten Österreichs, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architectural Association Santa Clara, Cuba. 

Wolf dPrix’s work has been published in countless books and periodicals and his architectural designs have been exhibited in numerous museums and collections worldwide. Institutions such as the Getty Foundation, the MAK Museum of Applied Arts, and the Centre George Pompidou show the work in permanent exhibitions. In 2006 Wolf dPrix was commissioner for the Austrian contribution to the 10th Venice Biennale.


Vorträge aus dem Archiv 1999 – 2006 

2023, TU Wien, Institut für Architektur und Entwerfen, HB2, Wien, Austria

In nur zwei Tagen ist morgen gestern — from Decon to AI 

2021, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Deutschland

Raumwelten Opening 2021: Wolf dPrix im Gespräch mit Stephan Trüby und Tobias Wallisser 

2021, Ludwigsburg, Germany

From Decon to AI 

2021, International Construction Forum and Expo, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Deep Himmelb(l)au and other Ice Creams 

2021, DigitalFUTURES, Beijing/Shanghai, China

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2021, İzmir University of Economics, Department of Architecture, Turkey

In only two days tomorrow will be yesterday. From Devon to AI 

2021, International Design Exchange@THAD, Beijing, China

The Power of Architecture 

2021, Sevastopol State University, Russia

From Decon to AI — Development of a Design Strategy 

2021, Science and Education Institute of Architectural Society of China, Beijing/Shanghai, China

AI and the Office of the Future 

2021, Lecture and Discussion, Florida International University, USA

In only two days tomorrow will be yesterday 

2021, Forum von Designers und Architekten, Krasnodar, Russia


2021, School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University, USA

The Himmelb(I)au Experiment #2 from DECON to AI 

2020, MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi, Tamilnadu, India

From DECON to AI: AI and Architectural Practice 

2020, DigitalFUTURES World

The Himmelb(l)au Experiment #2 — From DECON to AI 

2020, Association of Polish Architects, Katowice, Poland

The Himmelb(l)au Experiment 

2020, ERES Stiftung, Munich, Germany

Energy”, RUGGEDISED Smart City 

2019, Brno, Czech Republic

Fly me to the moon 

2019, Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland

Architecture isn’t frozen music – Music is the driving force behind 

2019, Music Biennale, Oris House of Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2018, Strelka KB, Moscow, Russia

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2018, University of San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2018, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

In just two days tomorrow will be yesterday 

2018, Bauwelt Kongress, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2018, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes 

2018, Backaldrin, Asten, Austria

Behind the Scences – The European Central Bank Project 

2018, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA

Deconstructivist Architecture 

2018, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria

Dean’s Honorary Lecture 

2018, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Life, Projects, Philosophy 

2018, AFAD-Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Life, Projects, Philosophy 

2018, PENN University, USA

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Life, Projects, Philosophy 

2018, International Design Forum, Mexico City, Mexico

Wolf D. Prix in Conversation: The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2017, Melbourne School of Design, Australia

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Philosophy, Projects, Buildings 

2017, BAU Congress, Shanghai, China

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Life, Projects, Philosophy 

2017, Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, Romania

Time Passes, Quality Stays 

2017, Geberit’s Design Explorers Beyond Time Series, Istanbul, Turkey

The Himmelb(l)au Project – Life, Projects, Philosophy 

2017, Experimental Architecture Biennial in Prague, Czech Republic

Building densely, looking up: debating urban planning efficiency 

2017, Alpbach Built Environment Symposium, Austria

The Himmelb(l)au Project #3

2017, Taliesin: "The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture”, Scottsdale, USA

Zaha Hadid: Pedagogy as Practice 

2017, Princeton University, USA

The Himmelb(l)au Project #2

2017, University of Michigan, A. Alfred Taubman College, USA

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2017, Bartlett International Lecture Series, London, UK

When Is the Digital in Architecture? 

2017, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA

The Himmelb(l)au Project 

2017, India Arch Dialogue, New Delhi, India