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SEG Apartment Block Remise 

The project should be understood as a contrast to conventional housing blocks, offering an opportunity for an open, differentiated form of living. 

Vienna, Austria
SEG Stadterneuerungs- und Eigentumswohnungsgesellschaft mbH, Vienna, Austria
Site area
3 149 m²
Gross floor area
13 702 m²
Gross volume
56 814 m³
Number of units
144 living units, 11 offices, 6 shops/​café
Number of floors

Project info

We choose to raise our building while keeping the density of a low-rise. Reserve spaces are offered inside the apartment block at various levels.
These reserve spaces, which are situated within the complex like air pockets, are a clear improvement in living quality for the inhabitants. This shows how the relationship between the density of the program and the provision of open space can be enhanced remarkably. 

The chosen housing form, with crosswise joint maisonettes and central circulation, enables extensive glazing of the outer wall. This outer wall allows, in connection with the glass loggias, passive energy gains. Furthermore, the differentiated formulation of the rooftop landscape, together with the sloping and tilted superstructures, offers the possibility of a solar roof. The energy collected is used to condition the glazed loggias in areas with less sunlight. The housing structure appears both within its immediate and indirect urban environment as a raising edge” in a newly developed district. It is a housing model for the future of urban living. 

Project insights

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