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PANEUM – House of Bread 

The PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes (House of Bread) is a customer forum, an exhibition, a Noah’s Ark, a cloud ship, and so much more.

Sketch by Wolf dPrix


Coop Himmelb(l)au

Project info

The Customer Information Center and Event Forum PANEUM is located in Asten, near Linz. The comprehensive exhibition of 1,200 objects spanning 9,000 years is open to anyone interested in embarking on a journey into the world of bread.

The PANEUM consists of two elements: a box-shaped plinth building with foyer and event rooms, and the Wunderkammer des Brotes” (Curiosity Cabinet of Bread), a two-story freeform exhibition area floating on top. The chosen materials augment the contrast of these two elements: the square base features a cast-in-place concrete structure with precast concrete panels, while the rounded wood structure crowning it is clad with stainless steel shingles. The base building houses the event rooms and the adjoining rooms. This area can be used for a variety of events such as presentations, receptions or workshops for up to 120 visitors.

The design of the exhibition area is based on the idea of a cabinet of curiosities, a concept for collections originating in the Baroque period.

This concept is especially appropriate for the unusual and small-scale objects in the collection related to the topic bread” which are presented in the exhibition area. The center of the Wunderkammer des Brotes” is formed by a circular atrium, in which selected items of the collection are individually suspended from above, as in a differentiated crystal chandelier. The atrium is enclosed by a spiral stair from which visitors can look at the items from various perspectives. The stair provides access to the two exhibition levels, where the objects are presented on walls, tables and cabinets that are integrated into the architecture. Additionally, all floors can be accessed by elevators. The atrium is naturally illuminated from above while the exhibition spaces are artificially lit. The bespoke self-supporting wood shell of the exhibition structure is left exposed on the interior. It is composed of curved, layered segments of cross-laminated timber. This method of construction enabled the realization of the free form. The high degree of prefabrication by way of 3D CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) technology enabled faster construction work. Leaving the precisely shaped wood timber exposed on the interior made additional interior finishes unnecessary.

Visit the PANEUM online here.

Project insights

Asten, Austria
Start of planning
Start of construction
Site area
3 750 m²
Gross floor area
1 850 m²
Gross volume
9 105 m³
20 m
Exhibition area
990 m² 


The overall property consists of two structures. Visitors first enter via the cuboid base building, which contains the event area. A free-form cloud, containing the exhibition area, hovers above the base, creating the ideal setting for the Wonder Chamber- Wunderkammer.”

Wolf dPrix

Markus Pillhofer


Markus Pillhofer


Markus Pillhofer

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