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Roter Engel 

Roter Engel (Red Angel) is a combination of a wine bar and chanson theater for up to 120 guests, which includes a stage above which is suspended an angel with unfolded wings.

Project info

The materials used for the interior design are urban: corrugated metal doors and panelling, industrially manufactured guardrails for the blinds. The wall of the bar is sealed concrete, the floor is asphalt. The wall shelf and the top of the bar are made of red pine. The selection and setup of the furnishings was, however, left up to the client.

The wings of the angel, which cut through the vault, are three-dimensionally shaped metal profiles with stainless steel edges between which is clay. The tone line begins above the stage, bends along the façade, breaks through the outside wall, and ends in the interior as the point of a needle.

The building in which the bar is located was built by Joseph Kornhäusel around 1835 and is a protected landmark. For the conversion of the 130 square meters bar, three rooms and one open stairwell were brought together. The load-bearing walls inside were completely removed, the constructions necessary to take up the weight are located on the floor above the bar.

Coop Himmelb(l)au’s design no longer exists in its original state, as the Roter Engel has since been renovated.

Project insights

Vienna, Austria
Michael Satke, Vienna, Austria
Net floor area
130 m² m²

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