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Folly for EXPO 1990 

To us, the folly is not simply a 25-meter- high tower with an observatory platform, but a prospective study, or sculpture, of future buildings. Elements of it can and will appear within our upcoming projects. Certain parts — the head, body and construction — are in fact outlined elements of a six-storey-high building of steel and glass.”

Sketch by Wolf dPrix

Osaka, Japan

Project info

The project was developed from a sketch which contained the basic concept and all the main elements. This sketch was immediately translated into a sketch model which depicted the shape, proportion and basic structural system.

The sketch model was subjected to our computerized photogrammetric process” which defined the object in terms of the XYZ-coordinate system and allowed us to perceive it in a three-dimensional way. On the basis of this information, we developed the structure and the details without losing the sculptural quality of the very first instant of the design. This is the way we design all our projects, whether they are sculptures or high-rises.

Project insights

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