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SCA Arena Park 

Park around the Ice Hockey Arena

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project info

The park is crisscrossed by two categories of path networks: The first category is straight axes that connect important points in the park and enable quick traversal of the area. The vectors of these access routes are derived from a work by El Lissitzky and are symbolic of power and energy. The second category consists of paths that wind through the park and invite you to stroll. Various zones for sports and leisure activities are embedded in this network. Service pavilions for gastronomy are placed between the various facilities, as well as relaxation areas shaded by trees, inviting you to linger. Staggered rows of trees are arranged along the street as wind protection. Two sculptures, the shapes of which are derived from the figure skating moves of Nikolai Alexandrovich Panin-Kolomenkin, are mounted on the roof of the two existing ticket boxes located along the arena’s main entrance axis.

Project insights

Overview Ice World

View to the Kids Playground

View to the Admin Pavilion — East Entrance

Bird Eye View to the Kids World

View to the Sports and Multi Pavilion

View from the East Entrance

View to the Plaza Café

View Ice World

View from the West Entrance

View from the North Entrance

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