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Science and Technology Museum Xingtai 

The flowing building represents the dynamism of Chinese scientific development.

Project info

The aim of our project is to emphasize Xingtai’s role as a scientific and technological hotspot in the province of Hebei. Building on the history of Guo Shoujing, the famous Chinese astronomer and engineer, the project reflects the past, current and future approaches of cutting edge economic, ecologic and building technologies. The building will be designed with new structural concepts, hosting energy systems, and will display the rich Chinese traditional culture, showcasing scientific and technological achievements the city, the province, and the country have to offer.

Our proposal for the Science and Technology Museum Xingtai translates the concept of the Chinese garden into a multidimensional experience and converts it into a space of perception. 

Referencing the Yangming School of Mind Philosophy, this spatial concept uses the notion of seeing by walking”, suggesting that the mind is stimulated while the body is in motion. The museum is hence designed as a continuum with variable points of view, staging both art and the outside surroundings, encouraging the visitors to navigate through the space thus stimulating their thinking. Like a cloud elevating art, the museum is shaped by the densification of platforms and points of interest along an asymmetrical three-dimensional path.The site is located in the new development area of Xingtai, east of the old town, in close distance to the high-speed train station. Sharing a plot with the new theatre, the museum will be a gateway to the cultural square and new district of the city. A green overpass will directly connect its plaza and surrounding landscape to the eco-park on the other side of the road, where two landmark energy towers will provide power and clean air to the area. 

Xingtai, China
City of Xingtai, China
Site area
69400 m²
Gross floor area
55 000 m²
40 m
120 m
60 m
7 200 m²
Number of floors

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