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UFA Cinema Center 

Multifunctional cultural center with 8 cinemas

Sketch by Wolf dPrix


Coop Himmelb(l)au


Duccio Malagamba

Project info

The design concept of the UFA Cinema Center is characterized by two intricately interconnected building units: The Cinema Block, with eight cinemas and seating for 2600, and the Crystal, a glass shell which serves simultaneously as foyer and public square. 
The Cinema Block opens up towards the street and is permeable for pedestrian traffic. It is differentiated by the circulation system of the cinemas and by views through to the street. 
The Crystal is no longer merely a functional entry hall to the cinemas, but an urban passageway. The urban quality of the space is reinforced by circulation systems of stairs and bridges which allow views of people through layers of light and color.

The eight cinemas extend over four floors including the basement and offer seating for 2,600 people. The different levels are connected by free floating stairs and an elevator. 
The bridges, ramps and stairs to the cinemas are themselves urban expressions. They allow views of the movement of people on a multitude of levels, unfolding the urban place into three dimensions. The lively quality of this space can be described in relation to the dynamic structure of film.
The Skybar, the floating” double-cone inside the foyer, is accessible and will host different functions (café, bar etc.).

In this way, the content of the building becomes visible to the city as much as the city is visible from the building. It is an inside-out building which sustains a dialogue with the city. 

Project insights